About Me

I'm an intuitive with over twenty-five years of experience. I have been licensed in Northern California since 1991. I have been providing my clients with modern practical techniques to achieve a Spiritual Mindset Restoring focus and balance through personalized treatments depending upon clients specific requests and needs. 




In a psychic reading, the practitioner understands information about the person being read through the use of one or more psychic tools.

Meditation is a treatment we offer for manifestation, which means defining your desires and using your thoughts to achieve those desires. When you feel in charge of your life, you feel more empowered to pursue the opportunities that you see.

When the chakras are unaligned or blocked it can cause an uneven energy flow. The chakras are a main source of energy and affect the way we react to issues the universe places in our path. Chakra alignment is essential when dealing with certain challenges, obstacles, or decisions.

Come Join us at the Niles Antique Faire August 29th we will be offering recreational readings at a discounted price see you there!